Gabriella Meghan is a young lesbian author and LGBTQ advocate living just outside of Phoenix, AZ. Having lived in four states, and traveling to nearly every state in the United States, Gabriella has eagerly seeked out opportunities to become more involved in her community! She has self-published her debut novel “As Told By Us” in October 2016 and is an active advocate for LGBTQ Youth and Young Adults. Gabriella’s book “As Told By Us” has been featured in Curve Magazine, Lesbians on the Loose, Tagg Magazine and many more! Her main focus is on shining light on the realities of domestic violence in LGBTQ relationships; while offering peers support and resources to overcome toxic situations. Gabriella has two adorable cats that she considers her children (yes- go ahead, call her a crazy cat lady) and is in love with coffee and traveling!