My Mission

As I sit here soon after the release of my debut book, I have been questioning myself. What message am I trying to get across to the LGBTQ youth and young adults that are my target audience? What have I been through that is relatable? What can I do to help my community and promote change?

Much of my book “As Told By Us” was inspired by real life events. Sure my book is a murder mystery, sure it is classified as fiction, but my life events helped mold the story of Layla. One very large chapter in my book (“Jade”) was probably the most influenced by real life events. I don’t want to use the word “victim” because I am not, and was never helpless… but I was certainly somebody that had experienced an abusive and toxic relationship. While I was in this relationship I was blinded by what I thought to be love. I thought things would change. I thought I could change this person… but my “Jade” was simply not going to change. I experienced physical and emotional abuse for nearly three years. I tried to cope. I tried talking to friends and family about it and they would tell me to “just leave” or “you’re doing it to yourself.” I called the cops after being physically assaulted, they did not take me seriously and no report was filed. The cops were called after neighbors witnessed me being assaulted through a window, yet again, the cops did nothing. I literally felt trapped, and like I was suffocating. I would silently cry myself to sleep at night, I would drink until I would forget, and I would write.

Writing became my outlet. I started a blog: “Life As We Know It” ( ) which spilled over with poetry, short stories, and words that I wouldn’t dare mutter. Here I am, five years after breaking free from this relationship, five years after chosing to live MY life the way I wanted to, five years after learning to love myself (which is still a process every day). I chose to take MY life back. “As Told By Us” was started in a secret file on my computer while I was in this relationship. I knew it would be destroyed if I disclosed too much of it to anyone. I had to have my story heard.

Writing became my therapy.

Now, I want to help other people in my community. I want to speak out against domestic violence and shine light on the fact that is DOES happen in LGBTQ relationships. Domestic Violence is too often portrayed to be a heterosexual problem due to the heteronormative nature of our society. WAKE UP. It goes so much deeper. Just because partners are of the same sex or part of the LGBTQ community doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I want to be the one to start this discussion. I want to be the one to open the eyes to those that have looked away, to those who have brushed this issue under the rug. I am so fortunate to be where I am today, but I know so many of our brothers and sisters are not. So many of them are no longer with us whether from suicide, violence, drugs, alcohol… The time is NOW. I will advocate for US.


“Approximately 23 percent of LGBTQ men and 50 percent of LGBTQ women experience abuse from their intimate partners (VAWNET). This means that members of the LGBTQ community are slightly more likely to experience abuse than straight couples.” –

Never for one moment doubt that we lack resources.

Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

National Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1800-799-7233


“As Told By Us” COMING FALL 2016!

Surrounded by new faces, in a new town, Layla Rouge decides it’s time for new experiences. She never knew how fast people would flock into her newly developed life…or how quickly they’d fall off. In the small town of Chattanooga, Layla discovers her underlying sexuality. She has always been attracted to women, but never quite knew that they would be so mesmerized by her. A string of suicides begin to pop up around Chattanooga. These souls were always troubled, but it all seems to happen too fast. Playing the Queen of Hearts, Layla falls in love, and in lust, but is broken down by so many… but who is really the victim here? Only you can decide.As Told By Us Cover-page-001

Relish: A Condiment For Your Body!



Relish was first introduced to me by Hip Hop Artist: Whitney Peyton. I can remember a number of things happening that drew me towards Relish. First, Derrick Baker (founder of Relish) created an image of Whitney Peyton. Later this image got huge recognition from fans, and Whitney decided to work with Derrick on a professional and creative level. Derrick is beyond creative and definitely has an eye for design! Relish does not only appeal to men (like most streetwear) but women as well. I was lucky enough to get a gift package from Derrick and Relish and I must say I love the colors, designs and the variety! Everything from my sweats, to my sunglasses – Relish has me covered! Literally 😉 The products are eye catching and incredible quality!

Here is some fun background on Derrick and his fast growing brand! By the end of this, you’re going to want some Relish on your body!



Relish: Where does that name come from?


I’m very proud to say I’m from Chicago. Chicago is known for many things from their skyscrapers to politics, sports, blues, architecture, food and much more. I have wanted to start a clothing brand for quite awhile and had been tossing names around that not only roll off the tongue smooth and visually would look nice on apparel, but also have a direct relationship to where I’m from. Chicago has lots to offer when referring to the food in the city. We have a vast variety of ethnic foods from all over the world but we are specifically known for Deep Dish Pizza, and the Chicago style hotdog.

A Chicago Style hotdog is made of a classic all beef dog in a poppy seed bun and topped with chopped onions, sport peppers, mustard, tomato, celery salt, a dill pickle and bright green sweet Relish. The Relish always stood out to me because the color was so bright green that it didn’t seem real! We know it comes from a pickle, which is dark green in color, but is dyed in food coloring to give it that fluorescent green tint.

Like the Chicago style Hotdog, I want my brand to be bold and represent where I’m from. I want to stick out, be bold, very creative with using influences from the things I enjoy and make me who I am. 


Tell us about Derrick Baker, the master mind behind Relish! What is his favorite music, food, and thing to do in his spare time?


Well you already know I’m proud of where I’m from, Chicago. I am a sports nut, I play as many sports as possible. I was very competitive in Baseball and Basketball growing up, and still play in rec leagues to this day. 
I grew up listening to whatever my parents played in the car, mostly oldies. But when I hit high school I was introduced to more and more Hip Hop and instantly had a connection. Currently, I listen to underground independent Hip Hop/Rap because I seem to relate more of my life to the stories they tell as opposed to the very generic Rap that is popular in the clubs and on radio. Most of the music on my iTunes are from Strange Music, Psychopathic Records, Rhyme Sayers, and Buzz Records. All these labels have a family feel and they are real people I can relate to.

The foods I’m into are definitely Deep Dish Pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, sushi and of course Chicago Style Hotdogs!

When I have spare time I’m usually playing softball, basketball, pool, working out or chillin with friends at a dive bar.

I’ve also Bartended since I was 21 and even competed in Flair Bartending competitions, winning quite a few along the way.



What inspires the designs you come up with for Relish? My new personal favorite is the Wiley Coyote designs!


Being where I’m from, I was crazy about Michael Jordan and Da Bulls. Watching them play all the time I became obsessed with sneakers. I would draw each pair of Jordans I saw him play in but could never afford growing up. Once I started making my own money I couldn’t help but to spend it on every pair of J’s I could get my hands on.That being said, I first started Relish in hopes to become a brand that made shirts that would match your kicks but not in such a direct way that the actual Shoe brands: Nike, Jordan, Adidas etc, were doing. I want my designs to have color pallets coming directly from hot shoe releases. For example, I have been including a lot of bright green and teal colors like the Wiley shirt, because Jordan brand came out with the “Green Glow” retro 4’s, the “Lady Liberty” retro 10’s, and the “Teal” retro 4’s.

Other influences are from the city of Chicago and it’s sports teams. Like the “Fuck Detroit” Blackhawks shirt, our biggest rivals in Hockey have always been the Redwings from Detroit. It’s no secret that the two teams don’t like each other so I thought it would make sense to make a shirt to illustrate our relationship.

I’m also influenced by Music. All my designs are raw and have an attitude and edge to them because I’m inspired by so much Hip Hop. 


What do you consider a high point thus far in creating the Relish brand, and watching it grow?


I feel a new high point in every new shirt I create. They are like my children, I get very excited to show them to the world each time I come up with a new fresh design. But if I had to pick 1, I’d have to go with the beanie with the Pom Pom ball. I had to wait a few months just to see them after I submitted the design to China. So when they finally arrived I couldn’t have been happier with the way they turned out.

And also, every time I see someone out in public or tagging Relish Brand on Instagram, twitter & FaceBook I get a high that nothing else can come close to. I’ve been lucky so far to have Independent Rapper Whitney Peyton out of Philly to rock my shirts and post for all her fans to see!


What music artists, athletes, and other entertainers do you hope rep your brand in 2015?


Let’s be honest, I want to see every music artist want to rep my brand in 2015!!!

But seriously, I want to see artists that I am a fan of reppin Relish Brand. Yeah, it would be dope to see a Kanye West wearing a Relish shirt at the MTV awards but I would get more of a personal thrill if Tech N9NE posted a pic wearing some of my apparel.

I really wish to reach some Chicago Athletes this year from the Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs, Bears and even White Sox would be amazing. I have a few in the works and very excited to see what happens. 



Where can our readers find Relish Brand to browse and purchase?


All Relish Brand apparel can be found online at

you can keep up to date with whats coming, whats on special, and special coupons on my instagram: @relish_brand on facebook: /RelishBrand

Or if the web is not your thing, I often have shirts in a sneaker boutique in Gurnee, IL called Beau Monde


Tell us something most people don’t know about Relish!


Relish can help grow hair on those who are bald, just spread it on like a Chia pet and several weeks later you’ll grow hair. Relish can also help you sing better, it can help you lose weight or gain weight, Relish clothes will help you score that date with that girl you’ve been trying to talk to for months. Just playin! But my Brand is so fresh that your confidence should go up a notch or 5.

But on the real, Relish Brand is 100% run by me. From all the designs, to production and fulfillment, the website, posting on social media, etc. it’s a lot to handle. But I love every second of it! it’s a beautiful thing when you put your all into something and you hear great feedback and people you don’t even know rockin one of my shirts!



What can we expect from the Relish Brand in 2015?


2015 is going to be very big and exciting. I’m doing SXSW (Film, Music, Interactive Arts festival) in Austin, I’m doing a couple Sneaker con’s, Relish will be at several festival’s in and around Chicago.

Basically focusing on exposure this year is the goal. 


Tell us anything else you’d like us to know!


Relish not only is a condiment for a Hotdog, it’s now a condiment for your body! haha


I don’t want to fall into the same trends as other streetwear brands that dress up Models they hire and don’t know to do look books and lifestyle images. Relish Brand look books will be made up of those who actually would wear the apparel on a daily basis, so it looks natural. 

I Just want to tell everyone that I take my brand very serious but I don’t take myself serious. I have fun, poke fun, make jokes and hope that is reflected on my brand.

From Dinosaurs, to Generation Fuck Star: Meet Davey Suicide!

After meeting Whitney Peyton out on her Blood On The Dance Floor tour in Orlando, FL I was swiftly greeted by an alternative, yet embracing individual named Davey Suicide. With a name like Davey Suicide, I wasn’t sure what to expect- but after viewing his interactive performance and listening to his deep lyrics- I was inclined to download his music. The music speaks to people everywhere that are searching for a place to fit in, searching for hope, as well as searching for an outlet! Davey and I quickly clicked on many levels and I’m excited to see what the future holds for him!



Who the fuck is Davey Suicide? Spill the details!

the exception to every rule.

What inspired your unique style? Musically and fashion wise?

I never found what I wanted in stores…for whatever reason, I’d always modify things I’d buy until I ended up learning how to make what I wanted.  Musically, it was one in the same.  I became the artist I could never find in the stores. 

Tell us what inspired the song “Uncross Your Legs,” It’s a pretty badass song!

The sexual tension of knowing there’s someone in the room that you want but have to stay away from.
What/Who is Generation Fuck Star?

It’s the generation that understands that the idea of a star has been watered down because of shows like American Idol and the Voice.

What artists outside of your genre do you wish you could collaborate with in the near future?

I love Eminem and Lana Del Ray

What new and exciting things are coming up for Davey Suicide?

Great tours coming up this year including one in the Spring that shall be announced very soon.

Favorite lip-stain color is ___________.

Berry from Sephora.  😉 

Tell us something your fans don’t know about you!

I tattooed 11:11 on my ankle on the 11th hour of 11:11:11.  It’s the only thing I’ve ever been superstitious about

Do you enjoy puppies, kitties, or teacup piglets?

I want to bring back dinosaurs

Plug your music and projects here!

Our new record is the best record you may not know is out, so pick up Worldwide Suicide.

Got a Hot Date? Well, you do tonight!

I discovered my adoration for Hot Date Band one (drunken yet memorable) night in Redbank, NJ at The Downtown! I had downed a few shots of fireball with my cousin and his friends, and this beyond energetic party band stepped on stage. Now, I’m not usually one for cover bands, but almost immediately this band had me moving! They played everything from what’s on the radio today to throwbacks! The night’s music couldn’t have been more perfect! I felt like the band had engaged the entire crowd, and the night was certainly over too soon! Here is what they had to say about their music:
I first stumbled across Hot Date Band at The Downtown, a venue in Red Bank NJ, your whole crew was beyond lively and knew how to get the venue dancing, tell me about how you keep up the positive vibes and liveliness throughout your entire set:
All of us have been performing in front of live audiences since we were young.  It is passion we all share and this band allows us to continue doing something we love.  There is a rush that you get when you are on that stage and the crowd is going wild.  We feed off of their energy.
How did all five members of your band first meet?
Bryan and Christian first met through the musicians section on Craiglist in 2010 while trying start a cover band.  Throughout the years we have had several members, all of which we met through Craigslist.  
Even though none of us knew each other before Hot Date Band and met on the internet we have all become very close friends and hang out with each other outside of practice and gigs, which is very important for our onstage chemistry. 
What was your craziest show to perform?
One of our craziest shows was at the Pickle Barrel Night Club in Killington, VT.  It was Chelsea’s first or second show, the place was completely packed out and everyone was dancing and singing along.  Nights like that are the reason we do what we do.  Playing for spring breakers at Sloppy Joe’s in Key West is also right up there.
One secret from each band member and… GO
Chelsea: I am going to school to become a journalist.
ChristianI am a huge New York Jets fan and I have their logo tattooed on my back.
Bryan: My favorite food is corn.
Steve: I love to watch Friends reruns.  My favorite character is Chandler.
Rick: I teach myself calculus in my spare time.  I’m not lying, I swear I really do.  I can differentiate and integrate like it’s nobody’s business.
Although Hot Date Band primarily focuses on cover music, with a modern twist, have you guys worked on any originals?
We haven’t worked on any original material as Hot Date Date yet, but we have discussed plans to work on some in the future.  
I see that your band is sponsored by Fireball Whisky, how and when did this sponsorship arise?
We contacted Fireball Whisky a few years back, told them a little about ourselves and how we have a tradition of taking a pre-show shot as a band.  They thought a Hot Date – Fireball partnership made perfect sense.  Every few months they send us Fireball swag (T-shirts, shot glasses, key chains, bottle openers, etc.) to hand out at gigs and we urge the crowd to buy Fireball.
What is a normal band practice like?
We try to practice once every other week, maybe more if we are adding some new material.  All five members have equal say in the process, there are no dictators.  Because we are all good friends, practices are very casual and laid back.  We joke around around with each other a lot, but still get a lot of work done.  
What should our readers expect in 2015 from Hot Date Band? Any upcoming project or festivals we should know about?
2015 is looking to be a great year for Hot Date Band.  We will be returning to Sloppy Joe’s in Key West for Spring Break 2015.  We will be performing 7 nights in row from March 4-10 at 10PM.  If you can’t make it to Key West you can watch us live on Sloppy Joe’s webcam at
Besides spring break we also have a lot of exciting gigs for the summer of 2015.  There are a couple dozen shows scheduled all across Fire Island, New York between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
We also started doing weddings with a DJ company to provide the best of both worlds for those couples that can’t decide between the excitement of a live wedding band and DJ.
Does anybody in the band have any odd/weird pre-show routines?
Nothing out of the ordinary, but we have a tradition of taking a pre-show group shot which started at our very first gig at the South Street Seaport in Manhattan. 
Where can the readers follow you? (Plug your social media and website here!)
You can follow us and see our updated schedule on our Facebook page at or our website 

Carolyn Marie lives in “The Moment” – With Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Hugs!

The Moment Release

Who the hell is Carolyn Marie? 😉

Well, I sing sometimes. I dance sometimes too. I’m endearingly awkward. I love hugs and chocolate covered strawberries.

Tell us something that most of your fans don’t know! Make it juicy!

Honestly, I don’t have too many secrets, and I’m not just saying that, but the juiciest story that comes to  mind is that of my ex-boyfriend breaking up with me because he couldn’t handle my music career. It was also the day before a huge festival where he was supposed to be playing the guitar for me. I’ll definitely be writing a hit record about that one! Oh well, sucks to be him. Love bites, but so do I 😉

Who inspires you and your music?

Everyone and Everything, from waking up at 6am hating life to being madly in love, or single as hell and devilish. It is all reflected in my writing. I also have any eye for the many that go unnoticed and underappreciated. People and their experiences are very interesting to me.

 If you could collaborate with any artist/artists outside of your genre who would they be?

There are so many incredibly talented artists in the world. This is such a hard question for me because I have so many influences. But I’m going to go with Joan Jett. She’s my spirit animal. Her rebellious nature and attack in her rock n’ roll vocals are unbelievably alluring to me. I also love that she’s a woman that’s not afraid to be herself. It’s empowering.

 What can we expect from Carolyn Marie in 2015?

First thing is first, I’m turning twenty three this year! Since I was little I always had this weird, but powerful intuition that my 23rd birthday was going to mark a new chapter for me. As Feb. 12th gets closer, I feel myself getting anxious about it, but in a good way. I decided not too long ago that I would release my single, The Moment,  from my forthcoming album Backstage Pass on that date.  In 2015 the world will get an album, music videos,  a jewelry line, and a whole lot more about me that I wasn’t quite ready to show or tell; but as they say, ready or not, here I come!!! That’s the perfectionist in me. It’s a blessing and a curse.

Tell us a little bit about your upcoming Jewelry line!

I’m super excited about the collection! I’ve always been involved with the fashion world because of my modeling career, but being able to go behind the scenes and see how each and every piece is made is incredibly interesting to me. Just about a week ago my good friend and the designer of my jewelry line, Sara Sela and I headed into New York City to the bead district to find the perfect charm that represented me. There’s not too much I can reveal about this just yet, but the line embraces femininity and romance with a unique edginess to it.

 Leather or Lace?

I’m obsessed with both. I guess it depends if I’m rocking a show or getting in bed… you know with me, myself, and I of course.

 Favorite guilty pleasure…and GO!

…Massages?! LOL 🙂 hehe

Dancing in the Rain, or Singing in the Shower?

I would have to give this one to dancing in the rain. I sing in the shower every day just because I have no self control, but for it to be warm enough outside where you see clouds of steam as the water hits the ground. That’s supernatural.

Red Lipstick or Pink Lipstick?

The classy red lip. Always.

Tell us what inspired your song Surrender.

Surrender was inspired from being harassed and seeing others being treated the same way.  I have always felt the need to stand up and speak out for those that can’t speak for or defend themselves. So, I never had a lot of friends at school. I always felt that I had a mission to try to have people, especially young people, be a little kinder to each other.  It made me question humanity for a time. I was angry at the world we created and felt defeated. I wanted to send a message of positivity out into the world about community and coming together which I think is something the music industry lacks right now. That is sad considering music is a reflection of the times. I want to change that for our generation. I have always known that I wanted to be an entertainer so I have always been involved with musical theater, dance and singing.  I was just starting college when I started recording music. I loved it immediately and knew I wanted to continue with it, even though I was going to school for dance. It quickly became apparent that college wasn’t going to be much different than high school!  I was astonished and disgusted with the behavior of  a lot of my classmates. I could not believe that this stuff could actually go on in college?!  I was the joke of my class for a while for daring to follow my dreams.  I did have a few close friends that supported me and I am forever grateful for that.  Our society feels so artificial sometimes.  I just never felt the need to hate someone and go out of my way to make someone’s life miserable for following their dreams. I don’t understand the mentality of hating just to hate.  What’s the point of that? Empowered people empower others. Let’s just all be kind. And that’s what surrender is about. Not surrendering to the hate, keeping your head up, and marching on.

Plug your music here!

My brand new single and music video “The Moment” will release on my birthday, Feb. 12th! Pre-orders on iTunes and Google Play start on Jan. 30th! I’m ridiculously excited and hope you love it!

What are GODZ?

The first time I met the dynamic duo, GODZ, and saw them perform, I was simply blown away. Their dynamic energy, their passion, and their music all embraced a beautiful creative energy. The duo is certainly on the rise, and we should expect to hear more from them in 2015. Don’t sleep on them!

Godz 1

We want to know first off where the name Godz came from, it seems very profound. Tell our readers where you came up with it!

We really love the idea of pluralizing a title that in western culture is exclusively a singular being…it’s our way of being humble and acknowledging the fact that none of us know what happens beyond what we can physically perceive. Also I love Godzilla…

Tell us something that most people don’t know about Cheyne and Matthew Thorson! Spill a secret!

Matts a tremendously talented person. He has a way of mastering everything he attempts that I will always be envious of. 

I’m a huge nerd. 

What should our readers expect from Godz in 2015? 

More ambitious writing. A focus on musicianship and creating something all our own. A real hybrid between sonics and visuals is key now a days and we want to elevate that formula. 

Who are three artists you hope to collaborate with in 2015?


Lars Von Trier

Sage Francis 

What is one of the most wild things Godz has experienced on one of their most recent tours?

We’ve seen Laptops sell out huge rooms…laptops…

What inspires the music you write?

I watch a lot of films. I don’t listen to a lot of music lately. Photography has become a big driving force in my life as well. It helps the process of writing for sure. Matt is constantly working…always working on production ideas. He’s driven. 

 What kind of music does Godz listen to in their free time?

All sorts. I love the Lorde record. Both of us love 

Run The Jewels…

Led Zeppelin…Atmosphere…Deftones…Sage Francis…Jamie Paul and lots of others…

Favorite guilty pleasure?

Twilight, and Despicable Me…although neither of us feel guilty. We regret nothing. 

What else should we know about Godz?

We’re raisin’ eyebrowz wit da Jaguarz, Kid….Better watch out!!!

Find GODZ here:



TOILE & Bianca Rachele : Indie Fashion Inspired by Strength and Femininity!

Throughout my journeys, all around the US (and slightly abroad), I’ve discovered hidden gems, that many people need to be aware of! There are so many indie stores,musicians, and companies that deserve recognition for the footprint that they are creating in our culture! This week I am shining the spotlight on a very unique, eye catching, and inspirational boutique and designer! Let’s jump into a world of fashion and intrigue! Let’s get to know TOILE as well as the owner Bianca!


Tell us what you love about owning a boutique in the heart of the Philadelphia art district?

I couldn’t be happier with the area that I’m located in.  This part of Fishtown is very up-and-
coming and every day there are new businesses popping up. I love doing collaborative events with my neighbors and seeing the creativity in the area as well.   I enjoy being among some of the most unique businesses in Philadelphia.

 What are some of the struggles of being a small business in such a large city?

I would say as far as cities go, Philadelphia is a pretty small and manageable city which is one of the benefits of being here.  So the struggle for me lies in starting a business in an up-and-coming city. 

Tell us about your line Bianca Rachele, what inspires your designs?

I would say I am mostly inspired by the person I am designing for.  I like creating clothing for strong women that are still very feminine and like using their style as part of their self-expression.  I think that fashion is the best way to express yourself and creating clothing that makes you feel more confident and more of an individual is very important to me.

I was fortunate enough to model in one of your in-store fashion shows.  I really enjoyed the 
atmosphere you created! Tell us about the events you host at your store, like First Fridays at 

I do a variety of events, I do First Fridays which features a variety of in-store designers including accessories, clothing, and skincare that are featured in the store.  I also bring in outside artists and other designers in the area as well as local DJs and other musical acts.  It is definitely a collaborate effort.  I do other events such as trunk shows for designers, fashion shows, line previews, and I host events for other people in Philadelphia.  For example, I held a panel discussion for female entrepreneurs which was hosted by “The Hive”. 

What direction do you want your line Bianca Rochelle, as well as your boutique, Toile, to go in 
the future?

I’ve put my own personal collection on hold since I’ve opened the store, so I would like the store to be more self sufficient as I expand my brand. I want to start doing seasonal Bianca Rachele collections that are sold in store as well as other stores throughout the country.

Are there any upcoming events that our reader should know about?

Toile is hosting our Annual Valentines Day “Date Night” Fashion Show on February 8 from 5-8pm. Last year was a blast- so I’m expecting this year to be even better.  I am also doing a Two Year Anniversary Party for one of our designers, Agashi, on Friday, February 13. It is a boudoir inspired party launching her new collection, hosted by Induce Magazine and featuring a pop up blow out bar from Art +Science Salon. We are also doing a menswear launch party in March since we are now carrying the ready-to-wear line from Commonwealth Proper.

Tell us something about Bianca- the brains behind Toile and Bianca Rachele, that many 
people don’t know!

I grew up in the performing arts. I attended PPAS, the Professional Performing Arts School, where I was a Dance major.  I eventually switched to Technical Theater so that I could do Costume Design. I attribute my theatrical, avant garde twist to my garments to this. 

Where can our readers find you and your products?

The store is located at 1333 Frankford Ave, and also online at  You can view my personal collections at!

Welcome to my Indie Music and Fashion blog.

First a bit about Gabriella Meghan:

I’m a gypsy at heart, and I adore the indie culture. To watch independent artists thrive in their particular element gets me excited… but what gets me more excited is getting to know what drives their art. Who the hell are these souls behind our underground creative movements? In this blog I’ll dig deep, and get them to spill it.
Stay tuned 😉 

Gabriella Meghan 4